Last Updated: June 30, 2019


To kickoff #DoMegadeeds 2019, we will be matching donations made on Megadeeds to selected fundraisers. To be eligible, fundraisers must receive an in-app invite or an email from Megadeeds. Other terms include:


Megadeeds Matching Terms


  • Donations up to $1000 dollar per fundraiser are eligible to be matched.

  • The matching offer will expire when a total of $100,000 USD in matching donations is reached or at 11:59pm PT on December 31, 2019 - whichever comes first.

  • Donations will be matched dollar for dollar, up to five dollars per donation per unique donor, on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Donation match will only be granted once to each unique donor per fundraiser. Each organizer can only qualify for the donation match program for, at most, one fundraiser on Megadeeds.

  • Donation match will only be granted to monetary donations or completed sale proceeds made on the Megadeeds app - where the donor also completes an in-app review of Megadeeds after finishing the donation process. 

  • Matching is available for any eligible US-based fundraiser, and only to US-based donors who give donations on Megadeeds.

  • Megadeeds may reclaim, deactivate, invalidate, modify, or terminate this Donation Matching program at any time at its discretion.

  • Your agreement with us when participating in our Donation Match program includes these terms in addition to our Terms of Service that you agreed to when you signed up for Megadeeds.  


How To Support A Fundraiser


  • See current fundraisers and donate or start your own fundraiser. Donations are matched until the fund runs out or at 11:59pm PT on December 31, 2019 - whichever comes first.

  • Any donation you made to a fundraiser on Megadeeds is subject to its Terms of Service and Megadeeds Matching Terms above.

  • Your donations can be matched only if you're located in the US or Canada. 

  • You can use PayPal, Debit, or Credit Card to donate on Megadeeds.


Reservation of Rights.


Megadeeds reserves the right to withhold or deduct the donation match value in the event that Megadeeds determines or believes that the receipt of the Donation Match was in error, fraudulent, illegal, or in violation of these terms or any other applicable agreement between you and Megadeeds.




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